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Identify Your Targeted Market

The first priority when creating a business website is to identify your target audience. Do–it–yourself websites often fail small businesses because they do not build a relationship with the customer or address their needs. At our business, we strive to meet with our customers personally in order to understand their objectives accurately. This allows us to successfully develop content for our business website that is tailored to their specific target market. The desired outcome is that these efforts create an internet presence that effectively reaches its intended audience.

Optimize Website Development - What Does It Mean?

There is a great deal to consider when developing the optimum business website. Search engines take into account a multitude of factors when determining the position of search results; this makes understanding each individual element and ensuring an appropriate balance key to your business website’s success. Taking the time to search keyword phrases your targeted market uses, writting content, optimizing images for mobile first, and other technical considerations can be tedious and take up vital business hours. We take pride in helping business owners do just that so they can focus more on what matters: running their business.

Website Hosting Performance

As business websites require reliable and fast hosting, we have crafted a hosting platform optimized for speed. Our servers are built on the latest SSD hardware and come with caching tool, SuperCacher, which utilizes NGINX technology to increase WordPress download speeds for business websites drastically. This feature is essential for good web search engine optimization (SEO). Furthermore, we have included support for PHP7 and HTTP/2 in our servers and a free CDN. Together, all these features combine to make business websites hosted on our platform fly!

Our Focus

Successful businesses cannot rely solely on AdWords to be victorious in securing quality leads.

Managing AdWords can be challenging without expert guidance so we transparently communicate all work.

We step in with setting up and optimizing your AdWords so you can gain highly qualified prospects.

We can help your business by creating campaigns that generate good leads that turn into long-term customers.

Mobile Friendly First Website Design

Mobile devices are changing business operations globally; not only are searches and product/service lookup more prevalent on mobile, but a business website needs to be optimized for mobile usage. According to Google, there are more searches conducted on mobile devices than computer, and BrightLocal’s 2015 survey echoed this finding by also reporting that 61% of consumers were more likely to contact a business with a mobile-optimized website. As the business environment continues to evolve with the introduction of new technologies, it is essential that business keep up by designing their website with a mobile audience in mind.

Business Websites

At Tiny Giant Marketing Agency, we know that each business industry is unique, and the size of each business can significantly impact how much they can spend on their website. We specifically design our web development services to be flexible so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits a well-crafted website can have on their company. From small to large businesses, we have the solutions to help you make a great impression online with an effective and engaging website. Let us help you create something special for your business that makes a positive impression on customers and ensures your growth for years to come.

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Content is king, and a well-structured website designed for conversion is critical.

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