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The Laundry Fairy came to us in the summer of 2021 as a unique small business that wanted to grow their online presence. They had a low performing website and no existing digital marketing strategy. Tiny Giant thrives for situations like this, we formulated a plan and teamed up with The Laundry Fairy to get her brand to the next level.

The Laundry Fairy

Only in business for 3 years, The Laundry Fairy is a unique small business that offers full service pick-up and delivery laundry. Lila operates out of her own home servicing the North Greater Houston Area. Before teaming up with tiny Giant, Lila was only using social media and word of mouth marketing to grow her business. Through the recommendation of a friend, Lila saw the untapped potential online that she was missing out on. The Laundry Fairy reached out to our web design team and we created a fully SEO optimized website that communicates her brand effectively and converts really well.

The Laundry Fairy Was Eager to Grow Her Business

Lila had a great website in place that was growing organically but was very eager to start getting new qualified leads to grow her business. After explaining to the client the process & benefits of Google Adwords, our team created their account, built out the ad sets and did extensive research of The Laundry Fairy’s market and found the best keywords to target and gain qualified leads.  

Google adwords is a great way to put your brand right in front of consumers looking for your services and products. The main thing you need to have a successful adwords campaign is a high quality landing page that can convert leads and drive consumers to contact you.

Our team builds out several ads and targets specific markets that our client wants to grow in.(ie locations, demographics, industries) We make sure every ad dollar is spent appropriately and goes towards growing your overall online presence. Tiny Giant continually optimizes, tests and improves our clients ad sets, keywords and ad accounts to ensure high quality performance and results.

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Fairy Tale Results

After launching, The Laundry fairy started acquiring leads within 48 hours. With only a month of running google adwords with a small budget, The laundry fairy has gathered numerous new clients, qualified leads and business interest. Their ad account continues to improve with an average CTR above 9% and an overall conversion rate above 15%! As The Laundry Fairy continues to hit astronomical numbers, her business is growing and thriving like never before. With the success of their Google Ads, comes the success of growing their overall SERP and gaining more online authority.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Many businesses like this one are just existing and surviving without any online presence or digital marketing plan. What we have shown here is that you can take a good company and make it great with a high quality marketing strategy. Don’t just keep running your business without tapping into the potential you have online and reaching potential leads outside your immediate reach. Contact tiny Giant Marketing Agency to start growing your online presence and start taking your business to the next level.

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