Right Fence Company came to us at the beginning of 2021 looking to get better online visibility and business. They were already a good company that had done a lot of high quality business in the Greater Houston Area. They were looking for a company that could help elevate their business to a higher level and make them more competitive in the fencing market.

The Story of Right Fence Company

Right Fence is a successful fencing contractor company based in Spring, Texas. With over 13 years of experience, they have built a known name for themselves in their industry. Right Fence is a great business that works hard and does right by their client.

Right Fence Had ZERO Online Presence

As a strong & busy company in the community, Right Fence let their online presence fall to the back burner. No social media, no search engine optimization and no online advertising. As a successful company, this left Right Fence wanting to do more. Tiny Giant was the best solution for all their marketing needs.

Why Right Fence Chose Tiny Giant

After multiple meetings and showing Right Fence their untapped potential that was waiting for them online. They chose to go with Tiny Giant Marketing Services because of our competitive pricing and personalized expertise that we offered to their business.

Our Solution

Our marketing team put together a plan to increase Right Fence’s online visibility right away. With their approval we started Web optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social media and Google Adwords immediately. We put together a specialized plan just for them based off of our research in their specific market, their target audience and business goals. It only took a matter of days for our team to plan, implement and execute a full blown digital marketing strategy.

The Results

When you take a business like Right Fence that is doing a lot of things good and you add a great online marketing strategy that is fueled by data and science, you have GREAT results. Right Fence has since seen a dramatic increase in their online presence. Converting on Google adwords at an incredible 10% and the website converting at (enter number), Right Fence is seeing great amounts of business and online traffic. With over 200 google adwords conversions, a dramatic increase in their Google my business traffic and a huge boost in their social media brand, Right Fence has dramatically grown their business and is on pace to have a record year.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Many businesses like this one are just existing and surviving without any online presence or digital marketing plan. What we have shown here is that you can take a good company and make it great with a high quality marketing strategy. Don’t just keep running your business without tapping into the potential you have online and reaching potential leads outside your immediate reach. Contact tiny Giant Marketing Agency to start growing your online presence and start taking your business to the next level.

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