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Our digital marketing agency will help your business stand out in a crowded environment, be more visible online, get more leads, and outpace your competition’s growth. Get in front of your customers where they are spending the majority of their time, online.

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Digital Marketing Designed To Grow Your Business

We are a local digital marketing agency that creates innovative solutions for clients like yourself to grow their businesses. We have no long-term contracts because our philosophy is based on delivering quality results each month through understanding data and patterns, hard work, integrity and innovation – not just one-time projects or quick wins!


Digital Marketing Plans to Grow Your Business

Marketing your business services is all about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time so not to waste money! It’s the process of creating and delivering messages that influence attitudes or behaviors. You can reach new audiences, build relationships with customers, and create a brand that people trust with the proper marketing. At Tiny Giant Marketing, we work tirelessly to attract the right leads for your business. By using quality marketing techniques, we can help you see real results and growth.

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Growing Your Business Does Not Have to Be Expensive Or Complicated

You will get more from your advertising dollars with Tiny Giant because we partner with you to help you reach your goals and we are transparent with our work and results. Unlike our competitors at the larger marketing firms, we do not overcomplicate the marketing process or turn part-time work into a full-time job. We help you make the most of your advertising budget without hidden costs or add-on fees.

Social media is invaluable for businesses looking to build their brand and grow their business. Great content can be shared on social platforms to capture the attention of potential customers, but making sure it gets seen by the right people requires thought and planning. Optimizing posts for search engines, adjusting content according to platform guidelines, and understanding how each platform works are critical steps in leveraging a successful social media strategy. Such an approach ensures that you can effectively promote your content on the proper social media channels while reaching the right target audience with the right message at the right time. Doing so builds your brand presence within the digital space and generates trust and loyalty among current and future customers. Social media provides businesses with an immense opportunity to promote great content and achieve success in an ever-evolving digital world.  Learn More>>

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool that can help increase the visibility of any website. It goes beyond simple keyword ranking to ensure businesses allocate their digital marketing budget to the right strategies and channels. By leveraging being found in search engine results by the right individuals, overall website traffic can increase, and higher customer engagement will follow. Using SEO tactics also helps to make sure website content is visible and relevant on multiple search engines, which is vital for a successful online presence. Working together, effective keyword placement and thoughtfully chosen content can result in an elevated reach that ensures maximum visibility among customers.  Learn More>>

Running a successful advertising campaign can be a daunting task. With paid ads, you need to make sure that your ad is reaching the right people with keywords that accurately reflect your business objectives and products. That is where we come in. Our experienced team of experts takes this into consideration and creates campaigns that are catered to you, from selecting the proper keywords to optimizing each ad to ensure that relevant traffic comes to your website while also keeping it within your budget. So do not spend more than you need on unwanted keyword clicks, let our team manage your Paid Ads.  Learn More>>

Your potential customer base is unique and diverse. The best marketing plans recognize that there is no “one size fits all” strategy. Instead, our team will work hard to understand your target audience better. We will analyze valuable customer data, review customer feedback, and strive to create a tailored message for your customers. Once this has been implemented, we aim to communicate the correct message in the most efficient manner possible. By understanding your target audience, we can create an effective marketing campaign that speaks to the individual needs of current and prospective customers on an emotional or rational level, helping you gain traction with your market.  Learn More>>

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is an essential tool for companies striving for increased visitor conversion. CRO is a process that focuses on user experience to develop a website designed for conversion. This involves understanding why visitors drop off from completing conversions and making adjustments to the web page design, navigation, and messaging so that users are more likely to convert into leads. From an SEO perspective, a well-structured website designed for conversion can be the difference between ranking high in SERPs and falling behind competitors. Since content is king for SEO rankings and lead generation, it's essential to ensure that content is optimized with quality calls-to-action within the web page design.  Learn More>>

In the digital age, a company's website is its storefront. It is the primary medium for engaging new and existing customers, giving them a look into who you are and what you do. As technology continues to evolve, so should the website representing your brand. A custom-built, top-notch website makes it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for quickly – helping provide more engagement and conversion opportunities. When done correctly, a website can boost business growth and long-term revenue by effectively presenting the quality of your services or products. For any business looking to make an impact in their respective industry, having a robust online presence begins with creating a high-quality website.  Learn More>>

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Tiny Giant Digital Marketing believes that each of our clients are unique and deserves a personal touch. We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions, because we know that each client has their own specific needs. Whether it’s website design, SEO, or social media marketing, we take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions that are designed to achieve their specific goals. So if you’re looking for a marketing partner that will treat you as an individual and not just another number, give us a call today.


Consulting Services

It can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to marketing and advertising your business. You want to ensure that you’re investing your time and money in the right places, but you also don’t want to waste either of those precious resources.

Marketing is essential to growing your business, but it’s also one of the most challenging aspects to get right while not wasting money. Even if you have a plan, it’s tough to know whether or not it will actually work.

Our marketing consulting services can help you on the correct path. By working with an experienced digital marketing consultant, you’ll be able to develop a plan tailored specifically for your business based on proven results.

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